So needed this after a really difficult week (like.. so many people we know) . If we support each other we'll get through this. Looking forward to the next one. - Jo

Thank you so much ❤️ That was so much fun - Claire

Thank you very much, Dominic. Today's singing was amazing! loved the song and so appropriate to the times. thank you for uplifting all of us. Please try to do this everyday....or once a week, very good format. - greta

I can't thank you enough for todays session - I live on my own and the isolation is REAL. This really cheered me up :-) Thank you - Jess

That was up there with my top 20 wackiest things I've done at home - Andrew

Absolutely brilliant! Thanks Dom, thanks everyone xx - Linds

It's great to know we can still share social events like this. It really lifted my spirits - Chris

What a great singalong! Brilliant! - @wonderfulsounds

keeping us going in tough times - Adam

Hi my 10yr old son and I in Norwich loved this, we both usually sing in choirs and won’t need to miss out on this now - great song choice - Mandy